Common Questions About IVF Treatments

About IVF Treatments


IVF is a fertility procedure that has served as a boon to couples planning on a family but unable to due to infertility.  At Lil Feet by Altius Hospital, we are aware that couples deciding about IVF may have a lot of queries and worries about the procedure. We will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about IVF procedures in this blog.

Common Questions About IVF Treatments

  1. How does IVF work?

Starting with ovarian stimulation to create many eggs, IVF includes various phases. When the eggs are ready, a needle is used to remove them from the ovaries. The resultant embryos are then given a few days to develop after the eggs and sperm are joined in a lab dish. Eventually, one or more embryos are placed into the female partner’s uterus.

  1. Who can benefit from IVF?

For couples who have been trying to conceive for at least a year without success or for those who have specific medical issues that influence fertility, IVF may be an appropriate course of treatment. Usually, infertility is associated with women, however, infertility in men is also not uncommon.  Candidates for IVF may also include males with low sperm counts and other abnormalities with male reproductive system.

  1. What percentage of IVF treatments are successful?

The age of the female partner, the quality of the eggs and sperm, and the skill of the IVF clinic are some of the variables that can affect the success rates of IVF treatments. It is therefore important to wisely choose the IVF hospitalIn general, about 60% to 80% IVF pregnancies reach their full term and result in the delivery of a healthy baby. Lil Feet by Altius Hospital has had excellent results with IVF rendering joy to couples who had given up on this dream.

  1. Does IVF hurt?

The majority of couples claim that the IVF process is not very unpleasant but some discomfort may be felt during some phases, such as during egg retrieval. Bloating and cramping are possible symptoms for some women, although they usually go away in a few days.

  1. What risks come along with IVF procedures?

There are various risks involved with IVF procedures, just like with other medical processes; however, the risks are not of serious concern and are mild to moderate such as infection, mild pain, etc.

  1. IVF: Does insurance cover it?

Although some insurance plans might pay for IVF procedures, many don’t. It is important to contact your insurance company to find out what coverage, if any, is offered to you.

  1. Can modifying one’s lifestyle increase the likelihood that IVF procedures will be successful?

The success rates of IVF procedures can be increased by making several lifestyle adjustments. They include preserving a healthy weight, giving up smoking, consuming less alcohol, and controlling stress. Some couples may also profit from dietary adjustments or fertility-enhancing supplements.


In conclusion, IVF procedures can be a good choice for couples who are having trouble getting pregnant. The decision to seek IVF can be challenging, and we at Lil Feet by Altius Hospital are dedicated to offering considerate treatment and support during the procedure. We strongly advise speaking with one of our fertility doctors if you are thinking about IVF to learn more about your possibilities.