Maternity Guide – Taking Your Premature Baby Home

Taking Your Premature Baby Home


A baby is a blessing in every couple’s life. The welcoming of a baby into the family is preceded by a lot of preparations. A woman experiences several changes throughout her conception period. In addition to this, a lot of lifestyle changes are also observed such as the choice of clothing, food, etc, and when the day arrives, it is no less than a celebration. However, if the day arrives before it is supposed to, the baby is born is premature, and taking a premature baby home needs a lot of care. The parents need to follow instructions provided by the doctor at the maternity clinic to ensure the baby grows healthy. For new parents, taking a premature infant home from the hospital can be challenging. Though it’s a happy moment when you can finally bring the child home, raising a premature kid has many obstacles. To protect the safety and well-being of the baby, it is crucial to be organised and knowledgeable. Seek proper advice from the gynecologist at the maternity clinic on dos and don’t before taking home a premature baby. Here are a few tips that Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals, the best maternity clinic has for parents who are raising premature babies Medical needs – First and foremost, it is important to recognise that premature newborns’ needs differ from those of full-term infants. Premature infants are more fragile and could need specialised care to ensure appropriate growth and development. Be sure you comprehend your baby’s medical requirements and any special instructions from your healthcare practitioner before you leave the hospital. Environment – When bringing a premature baby home, one of the most crucial factors to take into account is their physical environment. Babies who are born prematurely are frequently more sensitive to changes in light, sound, and temperature. It’s crucial to provide your baby with a serene environment at home. This may entail maintaining a constant temperature in the space, avoiding loud sounds, and covering windows with darker drapes to block out light. Feeding – This is a crucial factor as well. Premature infants could have trouble feeding and might need additional attention to make sure they are getting enough nutrition. Working closely with your doctor at a maternity hospital such as Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals will help you create a feeding schedule that is appropriate for your infant. This could include bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or a combination of both. To make sure your baby is receiving adequate nutrition, it’s also important to keep an eye on the weight. Hygiene – It is also important to be vigilant about your premature baby’s health when providing at-home care. Because premature newborns are more prone to illnesses and infections, it’s crucial to maintain proper hygiene and keep the baby away from sick people. The caretakers should also monitor for any signs of distress or changes in breathing patterns. If any alarming symptoms are noticed, without any further delay medical assistance should be sought at a nearby maternity clinic.  Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals is a maternity clinic that has the best neonatologists and pediatricians to support you for your premature baby’s healthy growth. It is also important to look after your own emotional and mental well-being in addition to your physical health. It is critical to seek support when needed because caring for a premature newborn can be stressful and exhausting. This could include reaching out to friends and family, joining a support group, or getting counselling from a professional. Last but not least, remember that every baby is different and has varied needs. Never be reluctant to ask your healthcare practitioner or other professionals for advice and help. At Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals, we have the best doctors to help your premature infant thrive and develop into a healthy youngster when given the proper care and attention.


Bringing a premature baby home might be difficult, but it is also a joyful moment. You can make sure that your baby receives the care it requires by gaining knowledge and following the instructions of the doctor. Keep in mind to maintain a serene environment, communicate frequently with your doctor, keep an eye on the baby’s health, and ask for help when necessary. Your premature baby can grow and develop into a healthy and content child with the right care and attention. Talk to our specialists at Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals to gain more insights into caring for your premature baby.