Pramod Gowda

Executive Director of Altius Hospitals

Mr. Pramod Gowda is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience in the healthcare and education industries. He holds a BE degree and an MBA from Texas University, USA. He is also a Trustee of MG Charitable Trust, where he works to support the organization’s mission of providing quality education and healthcare to underprivileged communities.

Mr. Pramod Gowda is currently serving as the Executive Director of Altius Sripada Hospitals LLP, overseeing the operations of the hospital and also the CEO of East Point Group of Institutions, where he is responsible for managing the operations of the institution. Through his leadership, he has helped to ensure that East Point remains at the forefront of the education industry.

Prior to this,Mr. Pramod Gowda served as an Academic Senate Member at VTU, Belgaum that led him to gain valuable experience in academic leadership, management, and governance. With a strong back ground in educational sector,he is steering ahead successfully in the healthcare industry with his ability, managerial skills& experience.

Mr. Pramod Gowda is a highly respected management professional with a proven track record of success in the healthcare and education industries