Rahul P R

Chief of Technology and Digital Marketing

Rahul P R is the Chief of Technology and Digital Marketing at Altius Hospitals. He graduated with a bachelor’s from Mangalore University and went on to complete an MBA in Marketing from Manipal University, Jaipur.  He also has a Mastery in Digital Marketing & Business Development from Hindustan Times (HT Media).

With 8 years of experience in the healthcare, telecom, and business process management (BPM) industries, Rahul has had a successful career in marketing, sales, customer satisfaction, customer experience, and customer life cycle management. He has extensive knowledge in digital marketing, sales funnel handling, churn, and loyalty management, CRM & AI

Rahul has held various positions throughout his career, including a Team Lead at HGS- Hinduja Global Solutions, Team Leader at Vodafone Idea Limited, Team Leader and Assistant Manager at GarbhaGudi IVF Centre, and Manager in various other roles. He has been recognized for his contributions with two I Champ (State Level – Kerala) awards, the Service Super Star award at Idea (Kerala State), and the Arjuna award from GarbhaGudi IVF Centre.


Passionate about customer service and providing exceptional customer experiences, Rahul is constantly looking for ways to improve processes and procedures. He has also been involved in various social causes and initiatives. One such project is Vanathvam, aimed at creating awareness for environmental conservation where he assists in technology implementations.  He is also involved in Bharavase, where he along with his team creates educational content for the public on various topics such as lifestyle management, work and life and health related.

Rahul has obtained over 50 certifications in Artificial Intelligence, CRM, and various other technologies, and has attended several conferences, both as a delegate and as an organizer. Some of the conferences he has attended include Zoho, Salesforce, Google, Brio, and FICCI, as well as state and national government-organized conferences.

In his role as Chief of Technology and Digital Marketing at Altius Hospitals, he has implemented several groundbreaking initiatives, including the adoption of advanced technologies that have improved patient outcomes, streamlined hospital operations, and enhanced the overall patient experience.

Rahul’s commitment to excellence and leadership makes him a valuable asset to Altius Hospitals. He is a visionary who is dedicated to driving growth, improving patient outcomes, and providing exceptional customer experiences. With Rahul at the helm, Altius Hospitals is well-positioned to continue its growth trajectory and cement its position as a leading healthcare provider.