The Impact Of Lifestyle On Fertility

lifestyle on fertility


Changes in lifestyle among men and women are the underlying cause of many diseases including infertility, which is often overlooked.  Stress, pub culture, late-night parties, getting up very late, fast food, etc, contribute to an unhealthy life and it impacts fertility rate too.  Increasing use of tobacco products, excessive alcohol use, overuse of contraceptives, etc, are the major lifestyle factors that have contributed to infertility. In addition to the direct impact of lifestyle on fertility, the following changes can result in medical conditions, which in turn adversely affect fertility. Conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, hormonal variations, congenital problems, etc, also cause early onset of infertility. However, these conditions are treatable and pregnancy can occur through IVF treatment.  There is a dire need to create awareness of the lifestyle risk factors contributing to infertility so as to encourage couples to seek early fertility care. Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals, with highly experienced doctors is having well-equipped facilities for IVF treatment.

Modifiable factors to address infertility issue

Lifestyle factors like age, weight, psychological stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, and exposure to environmental pollutants on the reproductive outcome are proven. It is also proved beyond doubt that modifying lifestyle factors can, not only assist couples to conceive spontaneously but also optimize the probability of conception in those undergoing ART treatment. Though people are aware that infertility is related to lifestyle factors, they falsely believe in fertility myths. Hence regular public education campaigns are necessary to avoid pseudo-protective factors like diet, misperception of the impact of age on fertility, benefits of rural living, etc.

A routine well-women health check-up is an excellent opportunity to start addressing the lifestyle risk factors that impact fertility, and Lil Feet by Altius Hospitals has various health packages at affordable costs.

Here’s how some of the common lifestyle factors affect fertility

Tobacco usage: In males, smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco may affect spermatogenesis. Lower sperm count, altered sperm motility, and hormonal imbalance in men were reported with the usage of tobacco. In women, early menopause and increased female infertility were linked with tobacco usage.

Even passive smoking is likely to cause infertility. WHO reported in 2015 that the prevalence of tobacco use in India is at 17% and India is known to have one of the highest prevalence of smokeless tobacco use.

Alcohol consumption: Though there are a lot of bad effects from excessive alcohol use, a reduction in seminal quality, low testosterone levels, decrease in semen volume and sperm count, etc, affects fertility in men. Infertility in men is thus not an uncommon factor.  In women, it causes hormonal imbalance resulting in irregular ovulation or early menopause. Even moderate alcohol intake can impair conception.

Use of contraceptives: Frequent usage of oral contraceptives is not recommended as it causes hormonal imbalance in the body, thereby causing irregularity in a woman’s menstrual cycle affecting ovulation.

Abnormal weight: Any overweight or underweight with 10-15 % can completely derange the hormone balance of a reproductive axis and its working.

Environmental risks: Includes prolonged exposure to high mental stress, certain chemicals, extreme weather conditions, radiations or heavy electromagnetic or microwave emissions that may reduce fertility in both men and women.

Social risks: Delayed marriage and late conceptions attribute to infertility. As age increases chances of being fertile decreases, especially after 40 yrs in females, however, there still are chances or conception through IVF treatment.


There are many other factors that lead to infertility and the given lifestyle risk factors result in various health problems apart from impaired fertility. Notwithstanding the same, the problem of infertility is growing by leaps and bounds in the modern world, impacting health. Hence, an awareness of infertility and its causes, appropriate behaviors to prevent it and available treatments for infertility need to percolate in society. When you are looking for IVF Hospital in Bangalore, Lil Feet by Altius hospitals with the experienced specialist is the best in services.