Vishwanath C B

Chief Marketing Officer

Vishwanath C B is a highly organized and resourceful professional with advanced skills in sales and marketing. He currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer at Altius Hospitals.  With 20+ years of experience, he has proven his talent in leading and mentoring cross-functional teams toward achieving organizational goals

Vishwanath is a results-driven and focused sales and marketing professional with a proven track record of success in leading all aspects of operations from strategy planning, budgeting, SOPs, partnerships, business development, recruitment, and training, HR to MIS reporting, and assisting in critical decision-making processes.

He is a dedicated, focused, and result-oriented sales and marketing professional achieving great success in leading all operations, including budgeting, SOPs, partnerships, business development, hiring, and training, as well as HR and MIS reporting and supporting crucial decision-making processes


Vishwanath’s leadership qualities have been integral to his success in exhibiting excellent leadership qualities. He has a passion for developing and implementing effective strategies to gain a competitive edge and has been seamlessly managing multiple projects and clients.

As Head of Marketing at Altius Hospitals, Vishwanath has been instrumental in developing and implementing marketing strategies to grow the brand and increase patient acquisition. He has been highly skilled in leading all aspects of marketing operations, including market research, product positioning, branding, advertising, public relations, and events.

He has worked with leading hospitals namely SPARSH Group of Hospitals, Global Hospitals, Narayana Health Hospitals, HCG Hospitals, and Manipal Hospitals.  His expertise in marketing and sales has been highly valued by these renowed hospitals where he has been able to drive significant growth and success.

Vishwanath C B is a highly accomplished and experienced marketing professional who possesses strong leadership skills and is highly adept at driving organizational growth and success