What You Need To Know About Hymenoplasty | Cost Of Hymenoplasty In India

In a country like India where women empowerment seems to strive, there are many hidden taboos and prejudices prevalent as well that may contradict the current visible scenario. One among which is seeking out virgins for oneself; they’re said to be “pure” or untouched by a man’s touch. Many women in the modern world are concerned about their virginity. On one hand, many have refrained from any sexual activity before marriage and on the other individuals who had experienced intercourse tend to look for surgical options like Hymenoplasty which can restore a woman’s purity by restoring tissue that was lost.

What is Hymenoplasty?

You’ve probably heard the term “hymenoplasty” before. It’s an interesting procedure that aims at restoring virginity in women through the restoration of their hymens, which are membranes located just inside the entrance to the vagina. There isn’t really any known function for this piece of skin but many experts believe it protects against infections caused by external agents like tampons or sex toys so they can help prevent diseases such as cervical cancer.

If a woman has had her hymenoplasty, she will no longer be associated with the shame and stigma that comes from losing one’s virginity before marriage. This can help avoid some challenges during adulthood such as low self-esteem or even depression in many cases.

The procedure takes only 45 minutes to 1 hour with general or local anesthesia.Though the hymenoplasty surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, most people are curious about its cost. 


Cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery in India 

The cost of hymenoplasty in India is much less than that for a similar procedure at western hospitals. This is the primary reason that India has experienced unprecedented growth in the number of cosmetic surgeries including hymenoplasty over the past couple of years. 

Min. cost (INR)

Max. cost (INR)

Average cost (INR)




Factors Affecting The Cost of Hymen Repair Surgery 

The cost of a hymenoplasty depends on the skill and experience of your surgeon. the hospitalization charges, the technique used to perform the procedure, additional diagnostic tests will also be taken into account while making an informed decision for undergoing this surgery.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, hymenoplasty is an affordable surgery to consider.  The cost of surgery ranges from a minimum of 25000 INR to a maximum of 35000 INR. Each person has to bear a different amount for the surgery according to their individualistic needs and aspirations. 

How can I book a consultation with a hymenoplasty surgeon near me? 

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