What’s The Reason Behind the Rise in Heart Attacks Among Young People? Altius Hospitals | Why Heart Attack In Young Age

What's The Reason Behind the Rise in Heart Attacks Among Young People? Get The Facts About Heart Attacks In Young Age 

In the past few years, we’ve seen a huge change in how heart disease affects people. 

While it used to only occur among older adults and those with pre-existing conditions who are at high risk for having complications from this condition due to their age or health history; now young adults who are below 45 years of age account for over 25% of all cases! What’s going on?

In this, 30 percent are middle-aged or young people without any conventional risk factors like smoking high blood pressure.

What you eat, how often, and what kind of exercise routine is followed can all play a part in determining whether or not an attack will happen. 

It’s also important to consider environmental factors such as stress levels because they have been shown over time to reduce our ability for the fight-or-flight response.

However, in some people, blockages develop gradually and there are symptoms like chest discomfort or previous heart conditioning. But for others–like Puneeth Rajkumar, Siddharth Shukla and Chiranjeevi Sarja-–the illness can come on without any warning signs at all.

You might think that because you’re younger than other patients, your outlook is better following a heart attack. However, the risks are similar for all ages once someone has their first major event—whether they’re 20 or 80!

Diabetes is a major risk factor for a heart attack in the 20s

If you’re diabetic, it’s not just your heart that might be at stake. You have an increased risk of dying from heart-related causes, 2-4 times higher than people without diabetes!

 The problem is when blood sugar isn’t controlled well enough to keep its levels in check–highs raise risks for fats building up inside arteries and causing atherosclerosis (hardening). While diabetes is known to increase the risk of heart attack, it also causes other chronic health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol.

Hypertension At Young Age 

Hypertension or high blood pressure is the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, just like heart attacks, hypertension too is on the rise among young people.

Being overweight or obese can lead to a heart attack

The more you weigh, the greater your chances of having a heart attack. You may be surprised to learn that being overweight also increases risk factors such as high blood pressure and diabetes, which can lead directly to complications like strokes or kidney disease.

Being overweight or obese can make you sicker than thin. Overweight people are more likely to have high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol problems.

Smoking Cigarettes Is Also A Major Factor For Heart Disease In Young Age

If you smoke cigarettes, your risk of a heart attack goes up dramatically. If someone smokes one pack per day, they are more likely to have an issue with their blood flow and oxygen levels in the body, which can lead them to tragedy.

The health risks associated with smoking sensation gets worse when it comes under 25 years old as well.

Substance abuse takes a toll on your heart

While experts are still studying the effect of marijuana on your heart, they know that it boosts a person’s rate and risk for having an episode. Cocaine increases everything from blood pressure to tightness in vessels, which can lead to attacks by themselves or even severe complications such as stroke.

Many people are able to prevent heart attacks by making healthy lifestyle choices. 

If you are at risk for heart disease or have been diagnosed with one of the most common causes—high blood pressure; we can help. 

We offer treatments that will not only treat your condition but also prevent future health problems from arising through lifestyle changes such as exercise and healthy dieting strategies tailored exclusively towards each patient’s needs.